Buy Skywalker weed online


Buy Skywalker weed online

Skywalker is the mostly Indica-Dominant offspring of Blueberry and Mazar. With a dank, fruity aroma and blueberry taste, this numbingly potent strain induces a typical Indica-style high which is mellowing, relaxing and couch-locking with a creeping sense of lazy euphoria. Responsible first-time users will use this strain only at night and only with several take-out menus nearby. Buy Skywalker weed online

This Skywalker is that new strain we came across that I just love. It’s amazing. The cerebral high is electric, it floods over you 10 minutes after you smoke. Maybe’s also a time-warp. Buy Skywalker weed online

The bud looks unassuming at first, just a regular ol’ batch of pretty danky BC Bud. It didn’t look much different than the 10 picks we looked at that day, but when sampling it, I was stoned like I was a kid again! I felt hypnotized at whatever I was doing, and impressed with myself by still being mobile.

There are phases to this strain. The fist part of the experience is like fireworks in your mind. The second stage is more hypnotic and complacent. You start off thinking you can/should/will do something, but you’ll end up on the couch. Aim for leaving yourself a voice memo for a laugh later.

Skywalker is a great value for an incredible indica. You should try this one now!

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